Rachel Davies. Writer

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Rachel Davies. Writer.

Rachel's been writing since shortly after she was reading, which was just around the time she started walking.  From an early age, she loved escaping into other worlds.
      She did a couple of decades making and directing films and ads in her home country of New Zealand.  Pavement Magazine wrote about her “… a truly original talent who seems unafraid to explore the possibilities of the film medium beyond tired concerns for realism and narrative cliches.” 
       These days she lives in Maui, Hawai'i, writes narrative non-fiction under her pseudonym Snakes, as well as a bit of immersive theater for emerging technology with her pals at Storybox. She freelances doing some other interesting writing work too, which she really enjoys.
       What's most important to her is to genuinely express real feeling and not try to be clever.  This is the kind of writing that sticks out for her from all the clutter.  The kind of writing she loves to read, that she remembers, feels pure and alive to her.